Frequently asked questions

What types of loans do you handle?

We only handle commercial mortgages. Property types include virtually every property except single family homes that will be occupied as your primary residence. We handle purchase, refinance, and construction loans. Our programs include conventional, SBA, and bridge loans. Our lenders include banks, credit unions, capital markets/CMBS conduits, Agency lenders (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and private lenders (bridge and hard money).

Is your site secure?

Yes – We use bank level security. All communications use 256 bit SSL Security. All documents you provide us are encrypted and stored securely.

Are lenders prescreened before they are admitted to the platform?

Yes, each lender is prescreened and qualified. Lenders are matched based on predefined preferences, such as location, loan size, and property type so you are guaranteed to meet the right lenders.

How do you make sure that lenders are giving me a legitimate proposal?

Our lenders include banks and other institutional lenders that are subject to legal and regulatory rules that require them to deal with you fairly and accurately. Plus, the lenders are competing against each other, meaning there are inherent, built in controls to ensure that you’re getting legitimate proposals and market-based pricing.

How many lenders can I negotiate with at once?

You can negotiate with an unlimited number of lenders.

Will lenders contact me by phone or email before I accept a proposal?

No. We do not sell your contact information.

What will be my loan rate?

While every deal is unique, we can provide a true estimated range you should expect once you’ve submitted the information required.