Our Commercial Mortgage Funding Process

1. Submit your loan request.

Complete an interactive request that is reviewed and optimized by our Funding Success Team to accelerate the process even further. You're then matched to active lenders in our network via an intelligent algorithm.

2. Receive proposals from commercial lenders.

Lenders in your market will be instantly notified of your request. You can view, negotiate and compare proposals through our dashboard.

3. Get Funded.

Select a proposal and get ready for closing.

Exclusive Features By Raisal

Upload Snapshots With Ease

Use our built-in Google Streetview feature to automatically send photos of your property along with your request.

Interactive Valuation Modeling

Evaluate your property's value using various valuation methods, including cap rate, price per square foot, and price per unit.

Cashflow & Affordability

Use the interactive loan calculator to evaluate your cash flow and conduct an affordability analysis, including the debt service coverage ratio.

We have your back, every step of the way.

You can rely on our team to answer any question and help you get the best possible deal. 

Our innovative platform has changed the commercial mortgage lending game. Gone are the days of going from bank to bank for a loan. Use Raisal to complete one loan card and be connected to an entire network of lenders. Get funded on your terms in less time.

Raisal is the future of commercial mortgage lending.

Get funded on your terms in less time.